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The University of Minnesota School of Social Work is studying in Namibia during May 2010.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Swakopmund Days Two and Threee

We had a full day off in Swakopmund, and our group of 22 (including our driver, Elvis) split up to do various things. A good number of the group just hung around Swakopmund walking on the beach, shopping, having lunch and visiting the great museum. Others went on a day long tour to Sandwich Bay, driving on the dunes and seeing the desert and sea. Another group went kayaking in Walvis Bay. Finally, another group went quad biking on the dunes.

Swakopmund Lighthouse
Swakopmund Craft Stalls

Cappuccino outside one of the best bookstores in Namibia

The Kayakers relaxing after their fun day on the sea

Some of us got to see an African-German Karnival

At night, we all went out to celebrate Megan and Lindsey’s birthday. Many of the group went out dancing afterward.

Megan singing on the bus in the shotgun seat on the way to her 30th birthday party!

The whole group at the Lighthouse Restaurant for the birthday party

Sunday we woke up early and drove to Walvis Bay for the Mola Mola Bay Tour – about 10 each on a boat. We all had a great time. We saw the cape fur seal colonies, penguins, flamingos & pelicans. We also had groups of dolphins driving along side us. The tour finished with a wonderful spread of raw oysters, champagne, sailors' coffee and other Namibian delicacies!

The "Jo Jo" Boat Crew

The "Sandy" Boat Crew

Lindsey enjoying the ride

Justin giving the Seal a mohawk

Feeding the pelicans

Cape Fur Seals

African Flamingos

It's not called the Skeleton Coast for nothing...

We finished our trip on the coast with a visit to Dune 7, one of the largest sand dunes in the world. About half of us climbed all the way to the top, which is harder than it looks, but is worth it.

On the way "home" to Puccini House in Windhoek, we played bus games, including Minnesota Namibia Social Work Study Tour Trivia.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lindsey. Looks like your entire group is having a fantastic time. Stunning pictures!
    May 31, 2010 5:28 PM