Social Work Study Tour to Namibia

The University of Minnesota School of Social Work is studying in Namibia during May 2010.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Back in Windhoek, we had a day off to relax and get ready for our presentations at the conference to be held on our final full day in Namibia (and visit the Craft Centre).

Our students were honored to be invited by the Namibian Social Work Association (NASWA) to present at their national conference. This was a great opportunity for us on the trip. Folks prepared their presentations before we left for Namibia, but I think it didn't really hit everyone that we would be presenting at this conference until we saw the advertisement in The Namibian newspaper about it when we were in Oshakati (or that our presentations would be the entirety of the conference)!

The Ad in the Namibian

I was really impressed by how well all six groups were able to integrate what they learned about Namibia during the trip into their presentations, or as they would say in Namibia, how they "Namibianized" their presentations. The presentations were really well-received, and their was really active participation by all the attendees of the conference.

The conference venue was the Windhoek Central Hospital

Conference program

Liz giving the keynote

Kristina lecturing on social marketing

Kao Lee, Christi and Gina speaking about volunteering

Small group discussions during the conference

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