Social Work Study Tour to Namibia

The University of Minnesota School of Social Work is studying in Namibia during May 2010.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Days in Namibia

After our conference, we had our last group dinner at the famous Joe’s Beer House in Windhoek. We had our last chance to order Namibian game (there were orders of ostrich, zebra, gemsbok, springbok, kudu, and other exotic game at our table) and Namibian drinks. We had some somewhat spontaneous group toasts, and then each person stood up and spoke about their favorite “moments” of the trip. Elvis, our bus driver, even got up and shared his favorite moments! These moments were all over the map – including intense learning moments, great adventure moments, and just overall “moving” moments. It was great fun, and also even a bit emotional for some of us. It was a great end to a great trip.

The next morning most people made one last dash downtown for some shopping at the Pick & Pay (grocery store), the mall and the Craft Centre. While it seems as if we just arrived a day or two, the bags were all packed up at Puccini House, and the two minivans pulled up to take folks to the airport. What a great trip we had.

Traci at the meteorites displayed downtown in the Post Street Mall

Megan shopping at the Craft Centre

Eric preparing for the long plane ride

Our Last Group Photo

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